Authorising a Representative

Estoppel is a powerful BIR-tools. Authorising a representative really stops estoppel.

Estoppel is a tool to hook you to be liable to a thing that you either don't know and you have just learnt too late. To overpower the estoppel practice of many BIR's revenue officers assigned to audit investigate your books of accounts and other accounting records, you must clearly place a demarkation line between you and them. The best start is to let them know who are the only people in your organisation has the power and authority to represent you and receive their communications so that people from your organisation that are not involved in their activities may be spared from many harassments and you, most importantly, may not find yourself in the middle of a criminal proceedings.

A simple authorisation letter may do you good, Or, an authorisation notice that you may copy from someone's website can also be helpful. However, these three (3) authorising a representative communications had assisted so many taxpayers and had been proven effective in fighting the BIR's graft and corruption and more importantly, had overpowered the so-called 'estoppel' doctrine. Buy it now. Thanks.

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Emelino T Maestro
Emelino T Maestro

He has over 30 years of experience in the field of deficiency-tax-assessment reduction and taxpayers'-rights protection; pioneered the use of tax-basis financial reporting; thwarted many unjustly attempts of many BIR-officers to collect billions of pesos from many taxpayers; assisted thousands of entrepreneurs to comply with the rigid and complex BIR-regulations; and, mentored many start-up accountants, bookkeepers and consultants. He also authored many taxation books. He aims to elevate the professional and integrity standards in the field of accounting and taxation.

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  Authorising a Representative
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