Acknowledging a BIR Notice

To acknowledge is to give due respect. To ignore is to show your insensitivity.

All BIR officials and employees are so sensitive persons. They expect people, just like you, to show a simple respect to what they are doing. In other terms, they want you to either recognise or make them relevant in your life and livelihood. To achieve this purpose, the people in the BIR had designed and developed numerous types of letters and notices such as but not limited to the Letter of Authority, Letter Notice, Benchmarking Notice, Warrant of Garnishment, Subpoena Duces Tecum, etc. If you failed and continue to fail in recognising their presence, you may find yourself being humiliated publicly and prosecuted criminally; your business finances would be under a very strict scrutiny; and your family is seriously affected by the problems that the disregarding of the BIR's letters and notices bring.

To avoid these unwanted things, a good housekeeping dictates that each and every letter or notice from the BIR should be acknowledged right away. Helping and assisting you to do it right for the first time is the ready-made templates of acknowledging the BIR's different types of letters and notices.

Please for the protection of your health, preservation of your wealth and continued enjoyment of your peace of mind, Use them wisely, Use them immediately and Use them now.

Thank you.

Your Instructor

Emelino T Maestro
Emelino T Maestro

He has over 30 years of experience in the field of deficiency-tax-assessment reduction and taxpayers'-rights protection; pioneered the use of tax-basis financial reporting; thwarted many unjustly attempts of many BIR-officers to collect billions of pesos from many taxpayers; assisted thousands of entrepreneurs to comply with the rigid and complex BIR-regulations; and, mentored many start-up accountants, bookkeepers and consultants. He also authored many taxation books. He aims to elevate the professional and integrity standards in the field of accounting and taxation.

To acknowledge the BIR's communication right away is the showing of respect to its authority and power and the emphasising of the fact that you know the rules and will stick to and apply these rules no matter what are the prevailing circumstances.

Truly, the peace of mind starts when you will no longer receive any communication from the BIR.

Thanks a lot.

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